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I am encouraged that you the youth are interested in this history, I am certain your reason for wanting to know about your past is so that you can use it as reference in your effort to build the future of this movement. I want to promise that as young people you will be among the first to lay your hands on copies of our church history.

But allow me to make the following remarks since I was given the opportunity to talk to you. First of all allow me to tell you an open secret on behalf of all the church adults, we love you dearly. You are our precious little Angels, in all we do please note that we have good intentions for you. We want the best for you, please work with us to lay the foundation for a better future for you. Take our counsel and put it to good use, I want to assure on behalf of your parents as people who have lived your future for you do not despise counsel from a loving parent for anything who has no commitment to your success.

If you’re a woman we’d love to hear from you, and connect with you.


  • On church history I just want to say this church



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