Men's Ministry

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I wish you success each and everyone of you in what you do, let no one I mean no one among you leave this living Gospel in exchange for anything that seem good in the short term and give away your birth right given to you from God himself that we must enter into his glory and be joint heirs with Christ eternally

I am challenging the youth body of this church to commit itself to working harder for a better Pentecostal Movement so that we are proud to be part of this church today and in the future. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to say something in your important meeting enjoy the rest of your lessons. May our good Lord continue to be with you always?




  • Mr D. Nkambule Cordinator
  • Mr D. Dlamini Chair
  • Mr M. Tsela Vice Chair
  • Mr Mazibuko Secr
  • Mr M Shabangu Vice Secr
  • Mr C. Dlamini Treasurer
  • Mr Dludlu Member
  • Mr Samkeliso Ndzabukelwako Member

Phone: +268 2405 0625
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