Church founder: Mkhulu Khumalo

This church was started by two people from SA and the other from Lesotho in the 1950. They came following a vision about a place that was known in their vision ashashahasha. They came to this place called lomahasha pass Swazilands biggest towns for this place, which was also known as Ezithembisweni.

The most important thing about this two people which is worth mentioning is that one was female not married the other was male and married. What is striking is that the first two hid The Lords call was the lady. This fundamental truth tells us that God uses his people any how male or female married or not married. These two individuals would be discussed more in the church history document. Their bravery in responding to Gods calling should be inspirational to all of us today that you do not need to wait to be old before doing Gods work. It is worth noting that our sisters are also called to do their part in Gods business, without allowing our culture to hold them back. The church was doing very well at that time People were saved, healed and they grew in knowing God new branches were born. Prayer was the key in all of what they did, great signs and wonders were happening.

The first church was built at Lomahasha moving out to places like Mbuzini, Vuvulane, Tshaneni, Mananga border, Mbabane and to other places in Swaziland; today the church has about 30 branches in Swaziland and South Africa. It is still growing despite the Devils effort to stop it doing so. Christ once said on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.